Adam Kerr Comedian

A dynamic performer, comedian Adam Kerr spews energy and honesty. With parents that raised him to say what every he wanted, when he wanted, they unwittingly created an irreverent Stand Up Comedian who was not cut out for the "cubical" life. Clean, smart and character driven, not only can he be edgy, but is also family friendly. Kerr appeals to all audiences from infants to the elderly. As soon as he is introduced he captures audiences with his unbridled energy and over the top facial expressions, he does not let up until he exits the stage. His brand of comedy is habit forming. Kerr’s fans are advised to check into a qualified rehab center after every performance. If you are looking for a comedian that will leave the audience fighting for their very existence due to pure comedic euphoria than Adam Kerr is the correct choice for you.

Adam has appeared on Television Commercials, Sirius/XM Radio “The miserable Men show” and on local radio in the Tri-State Area.

Adam has performed at many of the nation's best comedy venues and casinos such as New York City’s Friars Club; Reno’s Catch a Rising Star, Mohegan Sun Casino and Trump Plaza in Atlantic City.

Kerr has worked with many famous comedians such as:
Robert Klein, Jim Breuer, Jim Florentine, Gilbert Gottfried, Kevin Meaney, Bob Nelson, Ben Bailey.

Currently Adam is touring clubs, casinos, and theaters all over the country. 





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