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(Friday, June 01, 2012)  -  Written by
Ed Kaz!

This comic washes his jokes before returning to work, which is my clever way of saying Adam Kerr works clean. Indeed, it is much tougher to work clean than dirty; a comic actually has to rely on his brains rather than his, well you know what I mean. I recently caught up with Mr. Kerr for a few minutes of minty-fresh conversation:

KAZ:Adam! You're originally from Fair Lawn, New Jersey. What's so funny about that?

KERR: I’m not originally from Fair Lawn and there is nothing funny about it. I lived there in a garden apartment for several very loud-next-door-neighbor years. Life's not Fair…Lawn. How about UnFair Lawn? Pick a pun.

KAZ:Please settle a bet: You’re not related to that Galloping Gourmet guy Graham Kerr are you?

KERR: No more than you are. How about Deborah Kerr? No, not her either. What about Jim Kerr, the radio personality? No, not him either. And who are you betting with about my lineage? And can I get in on it? will be the final arbiter!

KAZ:Your bio describes you as “charismatic, crazy, creative, daring, hilarious, hyper, hysterical and of course zany.’’ All at once?

KERR: Yes. Next question. 

KAZ:Please describe in five words or less that moment of epiphany when you realized comedy was going to be your life’s work.

KERR: On line at unemployment. That’s under five words.

KAZ:If you could have dinner with any three people from history who would they be and would you pick up the tab?

KERR: S. W. Erdnase, Steve Martin and Christopher Guest. Mr Erdnase would pick up the check and for those who know who he is you know why.

KAZ:When is it time to retire a joke?

KERR: When the joke starts wearing its pants just underneath its chin. When it leaves the left turn signal on while crouched over the steering wheel. When it yells to passing cars in its neighborhood, “Slow down!” When it moves to Florida and wears black socks with sandals.

You pick the overdone, hacky premise. Or when it stops getting laughs because other, newer material is better.

KAZ:What’s the weirdest thing anyone has ever said to you after a show?

KERR: Where’s the bathroom?

Comedians hit Carlisle Theatre to support Easter Seals

Jim Dialakis

Adam Kerr

If You Go

What: House of Laughs comedy show

When: Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. on Friday

Where: Carlisle Theatre

Information: Tickets are available in advance or at the door, but Century 21 requests that people buy them ahead of time. Call 243-4929 or stop by the Century 21 office at 398 E. High St. in Carlisle to buy tickets.

CARLISLE — When Vincent Mellott and the rest of the Century 21 staff were trying to decide what event they wanted to host in Carlisle, they put some thought into what was missing from the scene.

Mellott, the owner and broker for Century 21 in Carlisle, said the group sat down and talked about how there wasn’t much of a chance for people to see comedy shows in the area. So, they decided to go that route.

“Back in the spring, we started talking — all the agents together — and throwing around ideas of what we could do for the Easter Seals, and one of the agents said, ‘How about a comedy show?’” office administrator Beverly Lehman said. “Everyone was kind of like, ‘Yeah,’ and it just kind of stuck then. Everyone was on board with that — in the winter time you need to get out and get away from this awful weather and have a laugh, you know?”

The committee at Century 21 then sat down and went through a number of comedians, trying to find a few who were funny but also not overly vulgar. While they found two who tend to keep things fairly family-friendly, the show is still established as being for those 18 and older, to avoid anyone being upset about the content.

The event, to benefit the Easter Seals Western and Central Pennsylvania, is $21 for admission and will include a 50/50 raffle, door prizes and a cash bar catered by Alibi’s, Mellott said. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time or at the door.

“We’re hoping to raise lots and lots of money to help support Easter’s Seals programs in our local community,” he said. “The Carlisle community’s been good to us, and we feel as an organization, it’s important to give something back, and we feel this is a great way to do that.”

Easter Seals has recently come back to the Midstate, said Christina Witmer, the development specialist for the group. Easter Seals Western and Central Pennsylvania helps to provide programs for children and adults with disabilities or special needs. Witmer said that while Century 21 is a national partner of the Easter Seals, this is the first time the two have paired together in the area.

She said because of what the organization does, it’s important to raise awareness of Easter Seals so people can see what they have available for the people in the community who know people with disabilities.

“We cover basically all disabilities,” Witmer said. “In the Cumberland County area in particular, we have day camp and residential camps that run in the fall and also the spring. We also run community-based programs, and those programs are held throughout the county. We do a lot of adapted rock climbing, adapted water skiing, kayaking. We also run more social-type groups, as well.”

Adam Kerr will open the show Friday at the Carlisle Theatre with his act that promises lots of facial expressions and character-driven comedy. He has appeared on TV commercials, Sirius/XM Radio, as well as New York City-area radio stations. He has also performed in a handful of comedy venues and opened for Gilbert Gottfried, Kevin Meaney, Robert Klein and Jim Florentine.

Kerr is opening for Jim Dailakis, also from the New York City area. He has been on TV shows on VH1, NBC and CMT and has appeared in commercials around the world. Dailakis has also performed in comedy venues around the world and has worked with Jerry Seinfeld, Larry the Cable Guy, Aretha Franklin and Weird Al Yankovic.

“It’s going to be hilarious,” Mellott said. “It’s raising money for a great cause, hands down, that’s the No. 1 reason (people should go to this event). It’s rare to find something like a comedy show in our local community, and at the Carlisle Theatre on top of that.”                      


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